Mission & Vision

The mission of Karabük University Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences is to educate professionally competent, respected individuals who produce universal knowledge and technology, are sensitive to the realities of the world, culturally equipped, researcher, inquisitive, participatory, competitive, sharing, original and aesthetic values, adopting contemporary and ethical values.


The vision of Karabük University is to be a research institution recognized by the world of education and research and the quality of qualified national and international science and technology; become a research institution with a strong corporate culture and identity, which has developed organizational ties with educational institutions, industry and society; become a research institution that provides guidance and consultancy to the research and development activities of regional and national industry organizations in related fields; to be a research institution that believes in the universality of science and creates contemporary, permanent and original works; to be a continuously developing research institution that has adopted the principles of total quality management, respecting universal values.