1)      Graduation Information Form
2)      Form of Discharge Certificate
3)      Turnitin Approval Form
4)      Thesis Entry Form (T.C Council of Higher Education Thesis Center)
5)      Thesis Approval Page (Thesis second page - All instructors have to be signed with the same blue pencil)
6)      Thesis Writing Checklist - Advisor Signed (It is in the thesis writing guide)
7)      3 Binding M.Sc./Ph.D. Theses
8)      M.Sc./Ph.D. Thesis copy on CD-ROM (1 CD)
·         CD Content : Thesis (in PDF Format), Özet and Abstract (in Word Format)
·         CD will be given in a CD envelope with the label containing the following information:
·         Author Name
·         Higher Education Institution
·         Institute and Department
·         Thesis Title
9)      ID Card Copy